Monday, April 7, 2014

Itseni herra

 Ah, I love spring! I've noticed my mood has brightened up so much compared to 4-5 months ago. With spring, good news have also come up! I've got a promotion at work and my whole job description is going to change soon. I'm so excited about this, even though it's going to be much, much harder work than the one I'm doing now. All in all, I'm very proud of myself.

Celebrating my promotion, I've done a liiiiiitle bit of shopping (and by little, I mean a ton!). I have so much to show you guys! Will do a review of NYX cosmetics and also my new lashes from Eyemazing and Diamond Lash! I just need to find time to dolly up and ask my friend to take photos of me... I've pretty much done all my shopping for the summer now because I have 2 trips to save up for. June is all for traveling back to England (man, I KNOW. I've been putting it off for the past 4 years now...) and I'm looking into going to either Italy or Portugal. Not sure yet, but I defenitely need a vacation far, FAR away from cold and rainy Finland!

This year is going to be full of awesome stuff happening, I feel like I'm about to explode! All I need is now the good news about me and my boyfriend getting an apartment together and I can just slide into a happy coma. But, I'm also feeling little nervous because all this good stuff coming on my way now, means there is also room for bad things to happen..

Ehh.. fashion wise, I feel like I'm drifting away from gal again, eventhough I keep buying cute gal clothing. It could be the fact that I'm not happy with my body, yet, so everything gal related looks yucky and way too extreme. I think I'm also having some sort of a "I'm turning 25 this year, I need to look like a 25-year old" crisis going on so I want to look mature and cool but still rock the edgy, sexy gal style. MY LIFE IS SO HARD SOMETIMES, I SWEAR!! Anyway, here's couple outfits and makeup from last week~

Was experimenting with heavy eyeliner and new lower lashes. My tip liner was a bit too heavy as it hides my top lashes... But I really liked my eye shape here so I might try it again.

Really loved this outfit! I've wanted a hat like that for ages and finally found one from H&M! I just want to wear it like every day with every outfit I can think of! So this is not the last time you're gonna see this hat... You will learn to hate it, I swear.

This is the only picture I have but I was trying the new Eyemazing lashes and my Diamond lower lashes... Not the best picture but again, I like my eyebrows, lmao!

And finally, an outfit from last friday! I love my new denim jacket, a great find from H&M again. My whole outfit is almost from H&M, now that I think about it... Only the skirt is from Cubus and the knit uder the jacket is from Gina Tricot.. AHHH I'm off to eat toast now, I'm so hungry!! TOODLES! ♥

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gyaru Spring Meetup~

Note to self; Never attend a meetup while hangover.

 So, we had a Gyaru Finland meetup on the 15th and I was feeling quite anxious, as I never recieved the outfit I was planning to wear. So it was all hectic in the morning as I tried to come up with a comfy WHITE (our theme) outfit for the day. I met up with Salla just a little before the starting time to have McD's. It was such crappy weather and I think me and my wig felt exactly the same as it didn't feel like staying up at all. It looked so good the day before but oh well~

  Outfit rundown
Leather vest : Carlings
Dress: H&M
Belt: d.i.a
Gloves: Gina Tricot
Boots: DinSko
Goggles: eBay

We had to wait for some people to arrive so the first hour went by us just chit chatting. I apologise to everyone for not being so talkative =_= I try to sepak up more the next time! Hopefully we can find a good place to hangout and maybe play some games or whatever because now we usually just take pictures, eat and go home. But here's some photos I took plus thanks to Milla for the group photos!   

Haters gonna hate! ^__^

After taking all the photos etc some of us went to Burger King + bubble tea and I had to leave home because I was so tired and I just wanted to rip the wig off my head. But thank you everyone and let's plan something fun for the next meetup~

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fabulous in fur

Happy International Women's Day! (Ok, it was yesterday but I couldn't blog then) I recieved my new d.i.a belt and had to build an outfit around it immediatly! So fur it was and I felt fabulous~ I did change into more comfortable pants (leatherr paaants yasss) because those shorts are so goddamn tight I can't breath in them.

Look at that beauty! (>人<;) I think I'm sorted with the belts now, I got 3 different ones I can play around with. It's gonna be the end of me if I get any more than that. *excuses excuses*

I was wearing different lashes this time because I wanted to have a bit more adult/mature/onee look. It doesn't show on pictures that well but I really liked it because it wasn't that "scary looking" as my bf says ;-P

Getting to the point, I had the most amazing day yesterday! <3 My bf treated me with amazing dinner at Olive Garden (steak yummm~) and finally after 2 years I got a FLOWER from him! This might sound bizarre but he's the kind of guy who thinks buying flowers means he's done something wrong and tries to apologise by giving flowers... So it has taken me great amount of time to convince him it isn't so lmao. But I love my little Gerbera, funny how he knows exactly what I like. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ He also got me a ticket to the Weekend Festivals, so that means EPIC PARTY, WOOOT! Finally I'm going to see Deadmau5!! So stoked about that, too!

Last but not the least, I freaking love my new hat! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haul after haul

A girl can never have too much makeup, right? I've been searching for that Nudie palette since January and finally they had it in stock in Kicks. It's similar to those Naked palettes but since I can't get those from Finland, this Nudie one has to do~ Already showed you the brow pencil but I also got this white kajal from Viva la glam. It's not that good but I can work with it. Lastly I found this cute blush and shock, yet another eye shadow palette from H&M and the blush is super cute color (perfect for kurogal) and I just wanted to buy the eyeshadow because the gold shade was perfect and just what I've been looking for. I think I have like 10 different nude/brown palettes but now I finally have the perfect gold shade! I can't remember the prices of these ones, but it was something between 3€-5€.

I've been doing quiiiite a lot of shopping for couple of months now and after doing some yesterday (drift shopping, yay!) and looking at these and my fb message list, I think I need to have a stop for a little, haha! I've been stuck on buying d.i.a. and completely left out the rock chick inside me, so I did a little shopping in Carlings and New Yorker some time ago~ That funky leather vest was on sale for 50% (ended up costing about 25€) and the skull tank was normal price (15€). Reversible skull bomber jacket was about 40€ I think and the cross knit was on sale for maybe 6€? It was such a bargain as I was looking at the brown version of it MONTHS ago (maybe in November?) and I liked the brown one more but I've learned to  love this shade of green, too. I just can't wait to wear the jacket, it's so fucking coooooool~ I need someone to take photos of me wearing all of these clothes because posts like these end up being boring because you can't really tell what it looks like on. So bare with me, I'm trying to convince my friend to have a photo shoot with me!