Gyaru Finland Winter Me2!
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Hello~! On Saturday 22nd we had a small Gyaru Finland meetup! I was a little late so the girls had already gathered to Johto Cafe @ Kamppi. I'm looking at those cheesecakes and drooling. Wish I had one right now!

Some of the girls I already knew but it was really nice to see new faces! :3 I can't for the life of me remember anyone's names, tho. Oh, btw.... I can spot a theme going on with our outfits.. Powder pinks... Blacks.. Earth tones..

Before I arrived to the cafe, I had a really hard time think of what to wear. I had some sort of a vision but couldn't get it done the way I wanted to.

 This is what I first thought I would wear but I didn't have any safety pants that would look good underneath the Duras dress. And the I would've needed to carry the jacket with me as it would be too much under a winter jacket. I'm actually happy I ended up curling my hair a little bit instead of sporting the straight do this time!

After the cafe, we went to take photos outside in hope of getting cute winter pics. It ended up being way too dark though so we just quickly took the group photo and went inside Gallery. I don't know why I look so uneasy on the group photo, maybe it was my granny vibes coming out lmao~

Salla was taking care of Anni who didn't feel too good and had to go home, so she didn't make it to our group pic :( Also it was  Melissa's last meetup with us, as she's going back to Germany ;__; We're gonna miss you, darling!! And truly, you became one of us and there's no way we would really want to give you back to the German gals ;3 ♥ See you soon in January~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I went to pick up Salla and we took outfit pictures next to the Christmas tree they had in Gallery (actually it was two trees combined into one, haha). Our usual spot in Kluuvi is under renovation as they are building a new shop in there and we can't use it as our meeting place anymore ;~;

Hat - H&M
Knit dress - Rienda
Necklace - ebay
Boots - no brand
Bag - Ma*rs

Our meeting was quite short as Melissa left to prepare her farewell party, Salla went to eat with her boyfriend and I left to cook for mine and prepare myself for the farewell party. But I had a good time and next time we need more geeky time together srsly~ It would be fun to have a small meetup at someone's place and play video games or something relaxing like that! 

So, thank you everyone for always attending the meetups we hold! :3 ♥

Salla is judging my happy face ;---;

Oh, and thank you Salla & Laura for the pictures! ♥

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Shopping from WANBOO
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I've wanted to write about Wanboo for a long time now and today is the day I shall do so! The first time I heard about Wanboo was back in 2008-2009 when I still lived in England. I don't even remember how I found about it, but my ex used to shop a lot and he knew how to use shopping services etc. so tried it out with him. Wanboo used to be completely in Japanese and it was hard to understand what was in stock and what wasn't. Now it's super easy as their Rakuten page is in English and you can pick your own country and currency to see the prices. So this is sort of a tutorial how to buy from Wanboo, in case someone doesn't know how to or if they are reliable.

This is the front page of the English site! Pretty simple and it shows all the new items that have arrived right on the front page. You need a Rakuten account of course to be able to buy from this site, so it shows your name and Rakuten points on the top right corner. I have just spent all of my points so I have like nothing left, haha >_>'  Anyway, you can browse clothes from the sidebar on the left (f.ex. Women's Clothing). If you can't be asked to browse hundreds of pages of brands in random order, you can type the name in the search bar. I typed in "Sugar Gloss" 'cause that was the first thing that came into my mind.

Then the site shows all the items that are labeled as Sugar Gloss and after that, it shows stuff that has either one of the words written on the link. It took me some time to understand this as I was wondering why there was really odd looking clothing between the real brand. So I'm just going to pick a random item to show the steps.

When you click the links, they open a information page of the item. The description is not that great but you can sort of see what's going on there. The pink box tells you the quality of the item so basically this MA*RS dress is most likely new (possibly with tags) and it's unused. I've got a lot of unused clothing, tags still included from Wanboo and the stuff that are supposed to be used, they don't even look like it. It also tells you the ways you can pay which are

Credit Card
Bank Transfer

Never tried any other than PayPal and it's so, so easy and fast way to get your stuff. So I suggest everyone to pay with paypal. Then it's the basic stuff you would do in a normal web shop, you would add it to cart and proceed to checkout. You see how many points you get and the price and if you have all your details written down in your Rakuten page, it will show you them automatically. You can also fill in your shipping details and you can pay with Rakuten points, if you have some. You of course start collecting points from every item you buy and sometimes Rakuten has special campaigns, where you can get double points for example. Last time I took part in a campaign, that had x25 points ,so basically when I ordered (I bought 13 items) and let's say I got 130 rakuten points from the clothes, it was 130 points x 25 = 3250!! I can't remember the exact amount I had but it was over 3000 points wich means I had over 3000 JPY to spend on clothes. Some of these points are there for only a limited time, so you can't really hoard them. That's why I used them right away and I will show you what I bought once they get to me. The only thing you can't use the points for is the shipping. But I think that's fine as you can save quite a lot if you collect enough points.

From the point where they send you the confirmation mail that they've got your order, depending on the time you've ordered, they might send you the paypal payment on the same day and then they'll ship it the next day and give you the tracking code for it. The first time I ordered from them it took the items 5 days to arrive at my door;

29.9.14 - > Placed an order and paid for the items
30.9.14 - > They shipped it and got the tracking code
1.10.14 - > Blasted off from Tokyo, Japan
2.10.14 - > Arrived to Finland
3.10.14 - > I got a notice that I can go and pick it up from my local post

I hope this helps someone who's unsure if they should shop there or not. I say SHOP IT 'cause at the moment this is the best place to get cheap brand.

I'm sorry I still don't have any pictures of the stuff  I bought but Finnish winter is depressing and we don't have enough light! I'm gonna try to find a way to get pictures light enough to see something and maybe I manage to put some makeup on too.

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Morning light hurts your eyes
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We are dead until dark

But it's another thing

Nothing really matters
Behind the shades of blue

Man, I've been weak with blogging. Today I'm writing about our 80's & 90's trashy Halloween party we had with my friends~ Me and Maija traveled to Turku where Heidi and Airin live and idk why, but I'm always to happy when I get the chance to go to Turku. 

This year was a bit of a "Halloween recession" as we didn't really put much effort in our costumes or decorations, we just wanted to get drunk and eat good food 'n stuff~ As I wrote in my last post, our theme was a mix of Lost Boys & trashy witches so I ended up channeling Fairuza Balk and I was really happy how easy it was to transform into her (I can't english today, sigh). I wish I'd had a skirt instead of these skimpy shorts and socks but meh, maybe next time!

We made the bestest Gumbo and pumpkin trifle dessert but I don't have a single photo of those as we were so hungry we basically attacked the pots with our hands. I can assure you tho it was really fucking good and I want to make both again. Around midnight we started summoning demons and we had the greatest idea to start downing tequila and our deepest, darkest secrets and burn them in a kettle one buy one. It still makes me laugh while I'm writing and thinking about it, but I guess it was a good therapy time for all. "WHAT FICTIONAL CHARACTER WOULD YOU BANG!?" "MAKOTO ALL THE WAY! TO THE MOON AND BACK" shit like this makes me love my friends even more and appreciate the fact that we can do these kind of things without feeling awkward. So thank you, everyone! ♥

Before Halloween, I wanted to try some sort of spooky gal makeup and I came up with this~

I took inspiration for the makeup from tsuyome manbas and you can't really see the white stripes I had between my lower lashes because of all the filters. I just really wanted to try my last years halloween contacts with gal make and I kinda like the odd spoopyness of it, haha :P

I try to make time in the weekend to take photos of my wanboo orders and have a little gal time with myself~ I try to get the entry out on sunday or take some time off at work and speed write it (like now, haha). TOODLES!

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Halloween inspiration
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This the season to be spooky~ 

Hey yo!

Halloween posts have started to pop up and I wanted to write about it too. I'm travelling to Turku this year to celebrate Halloween and this year our theme is a trashy mashup of The Lost Boys / Lost Souls / The Craft. This year I've found it extremely hard to think of what to wear or what I should do makeup wise.. I just have no idea what to do!!

Tumblr ofc saved me again for a thousand time, and I browsed the Lost Boys and Fairuza Balk tag (Balk, who actually was one of my first girl crushes). I think I'm gonna channel her somehow but with a vampire twist. I want  to use my yellow contact lenses since I don't get the chance to use them more than once a year. Dark brows, red lipstic, super smokey eye and yellow contacts? Yes, I think it's happening.

I mean jesus, look at Keifer Sutherland lmao. I'd tap the young Keifer anyday.

All photos and gifs can be found from tumblr ya'all.

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Hello everyone!
Today I have a little different post coming up~

I was contacted by Abbey from Julep to create a styleboard around their Fall shade nail polishes and I had to pick one shade from their infographic to work around with. I picked "Claudette" which is a beautiful, deep burgundy red. I tried to find it from their shop but I guess it's not available yet, or is already sold out? The closest one I could find was "Anisa".

Anyway, I thought it was a fun idea and got really excited to start creating the styleboard. I had an idea what I wanted to do but every time it comes to actually getting the idea out of my head and on paper... It never works the way I want it to. So I went over Polyvore which is a website where you can create collages and it's super easy and fun (note to readers: I don't have photoshop or any other photo editing programs).

I really have something for cream x red combo, it's elegant yet sexy and I think it's perfect for fall. And fur is something that always comes with fall.

Dress - Topshop | Jacket - H&M | Bag - Yves Saint Laurent | Shoes - Louboutin | Necklace - Call It Spring

And because one is never enough, I made another one. This is actually just an idea of makeup to go with the outfit above. Smokey eyes, bold eyeliner, red lips, long lashes.... yassss