Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kira Kira Nugguts, Assemble!

Hey ho, I'm not dead! (I do feel like I am, though...)

It's been a way too long since I even visited my blog and I'm not even going to bother apologizing for it. I just simply have nothing to write about anymore and I'm quite bad at coming up with interesting subjects as we've seen in the past 6 years this blog has been up and running. :P

Funny thing is, I've actually dyed my hair pink but I don't have any photos to show really. I haven't been in the mood to dress up or even put makeup on my face for the past 2 months. My anxiety has been pretty bad and it has just sucked all the energy and motivation out of me. Gal has always been my remedy but lately it's been more of a pain in the backside than a fun thing to do. I don't know if it's the growing amount of people and pressure in the online groups of what but I feel like I'm growing out of it. Every time I put on my fav clothes and do the make, it just doesn't feel like me. I feel like I'm putting on a costume or an act. So I guess it's time to have a little break from it. Concentrate on getting better and not lose myself.

I had the chance to meet up with my nugguts last sunday after a looong long long break (I think we last saw back in late April or very early May?) and it was a good therapy time for me. Sadly Pin didn't make it but hopefully we can hang out in McD's some time soon! Me, Jasmin & Ronja (+ Emma dog!) headed our way to Salla's apartment and it's just as sweet as she is~ Me and Jasmin were super lazy to do our makeup and I think it really took me like 3h to get clothes on, hahaha. When did it get so freaking exhausting??! *laughs*

We ordered pizza and I was still doing my make.... I was disappointed in Salla's local pizzeria as they didn't have a chicken barbecue pizza that I really craved for : | AND as I left a message to them "could you draw us an unicorn, please?" THEY CALLED SALLA AND ASKED WHAT THAT MEANT. I MEAN COME ON. We had a laugh about it but I hope next time we can get our tumblr pizza without any problems.

We also watched Girl's Life because Salla hadn't seen it and it was super funny to see her react to the scenes as that shit of a movie doesn't make any sense what so ever. So scene after scene left me howling in laughter because WHAT IS ACTING

Time for photos then I guess!

Yay for group shots! And Emma seriously makes me laugh, it was so hard to make her stay the right way round and every photo looks like she's trying to hide between my legs.

Romper - Only
Necklace - //
Belt - d.i.a
Socks - ebay

It was so freaking hot I was feeling really uncomfortable wearing my wig. It kept sliding and going on my face so I didn't even take any make up photos. Tho my make was nothing special, I only did my brows and little contour on my nose. I was wearing my new Eos Ice Blue -lenses but sadly I don't have any pictures that would show them. I can't even remember what upper lashes I was wearing? Sums up how hurried this whole outfit was as I was changing back to my normal clothes right after the photos were taken.

My wig is in a serious need of Pin magic! I think it's time to make a plan for the extreme wig workshop next, nugguts!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flowers and new apartments

Hey, Finland! What kind of summer do you think this is??! It freaking SNOWED yesterday and mid summer is just around the corner! 

Anyway, I haven't really felt like dressing up or doing anything for myself for the past couple of months so my blog updating schedule is dragging quite a bit..

Remember the maxi dress from couple of posts before? Well here's me finally sporting it out. My baby sister finished her school (one year left, woot!) so I wanted to gal up. I can see my sister is starting to have a little sense of style, finally and she has picked her outfit all by herself. So we were the flower princess sisters and stole the whole show! I even saw my elementary school teacher and I can't believe she's STILL THERE (I started school almost 15 years ago!!!)

I didn't wear any lower lashes because I had to attend a graduation party right after my sister's, and I didn't want to freak the people out too much, as they're already freaked out about my lenses every time they see me. I had actually bought another flower dress that I thought I would wear to the other party, but I was way too lazy change outfits. I had also planned to wear more accessories with the maxi dress but I woke up like 40min before the party so I had no time %D

I'm gonna save this outfit for later then~ 

This is the other dress! It's so funny to see myself wearing all these flower dresses as I never thought I would ever wear any. But I'm loving it and the girly feel I get from doing so~ I even bought my first ever Liz Lisa dress!! How about that! 

I was hunting for Rienda and Rady styled items and then I saw a girls selling this LL dress and I had to have it! What do you think? I think I'm going to wear the ribbon in the back~

This Rienda knit dress I bought from Rii and I absolutely LOVE IT. I can't wait to wear it when autumn comes~ It's perfect for the more mature look I'm heading. And I thought the d.i.a. fur belt looked cute with it too ^^

My wardrobe has gained quite a lot of colors in the past couple of months! I've found so many cute new things I'm drowning in them. I haven't really taken much photos of myself but I'll just throw the ones I've uploaded to IG in here, too.

New floral croptop and neon yellow jeans ♥ Summer always makes me crazy for all things neon!

Paradise print romper - Gina Tricot, Striped print shirt - Gina Tricot, Mint zip pants - Only
 Zebra shorts - New Yorker, Camo shorts - New Yorker

All of these I bought on monday, so I haven't even worn them yet. The gal in me just had to have some zebraprint but those were the only ones left in size XL so I have to make them smaller as they fall off of me. I've also seen some cute camoprint codes on gals and I only have a camo jumpsuit, so those were a must have! All the ones in the top were more onee-inspired~

Also what can flower princess Kati be without her new flower sunnies ♥

In other news, me and my boyfriend have been hunting for apartments and went to see a few. Lucky us we got one of the apartments we went to see and now we've been installing laminate flooring in there (not the one on the picture though). I can't wait to move now! I've been packing like mad and I only have next week left as I'm moving on 1.7. and my boyfriend moves in on 1.8.! Also funny thing, I exchanged back to the closer office where I used to work. Now it only takes me 10min to get to work.

I also registered to and if you feel like it, go throw me some questions! ^^ It can also be found in the left sidebar!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hi! Just a quick update guys to show you this amazing giveaway Sara Mari is hosting!! Be sure to check it out and give her a follow :) btw I'm working on the lippie review, it's taking so much time as I want to have 4 different looks for the 4 different lipsticks, phew! Soon guys, SOON!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rienda and Rady

I haven't done an inspiration post in a long time, and after reading Mitsu's post about Rady shop staff in Osaka, I knew I had to make this now~!

Lately I've been very inspired by pastels, plain white and simply mature and feminine looks. I haven't tried to dress up very mature or feminine way yet, but I have been eyeing on items I would like to get and simply thinking of outfits that I would like to wear at work and after. It's not like I've got bored of skulls and stuff, but I want to invite colors in my wardrobe and somehow, I feel like I want to graduate from the things that make me look younger that I am. Not that 24 is super old, but somehow I want to look like my age and not always get greeted as "a child" or "youngster".

That's why I want to talk about Rienda and Rady today! I think these two brands are just what I'm looking for and they are a great source of inspiration, as I don't nessessarily need to buy the brand to look as fabulous as the girls, but I can find similar clothing from western shops as they're not as extreme as d.i.a or Ma*rs. I already saw some similar looking items on couple of online stores and I want to show you what I bought some time ago that would suit this style, I think.

I'll show you couple of my favourite coords from Rady's shop staff!


pictures from

I chose most of the pictures because of the white jeans that are my favourite item this spring. I don't really like wearing skirts, I'm more of a jeans/jeggins person myself so I find these really helpful to work with.

 Favourites from Rienda

 Oh Rienda and your flower prints~ But I like how Rienda girls can also have this mature rockish -look like Murami here, so it's not just flowers and pastels everywhere.

As you can see, this is the complete opposite of what I've been wearing for the past... MANY years and it feels odd to change styles suddenly. But I'm going through a big change in my life and I feel like I need to get rid of something old to make room for the new.

I found this dress from Gina Tricot and it cost about 20€. I fell in love with it the second I saw it and I just have to make it a little shorter so it wont drag on the ground. I hate to be short as I can never find perfectly fitted maxi dresses anywhere! I think I'm going to get a cute belt to wear it with.

I also found these super cute bikinis for the summer! Still have to tone my tummy and legs a little though~

What comes to makeup, I was looking at Rienda girls and how they do theirs. I came across with this pic from their facebook page

So I felt inspired by it and did more "onee-styled" eyemake (or well, that's how I felt) to our Hanami meetup last weekend. The lower lashes are a bit extreme compared to Murami's make, but it's still way different what I usually do. I used less eyeliner and used more dark brown eyeshadow to make the illusion of bigger eyes. What do you think? Could this pass as more "mature"/"big sister" -look? I really want to try out those straight style eyebrows but I'm too used to draw the arch every time, heh.

What are your summer goals? Mine are to get fit AND use more colors, dresses and flower prints in my outfits! :D