Halloween inspiration
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This the season to be spooky~ 

Hey yo!

Halloween posts have started to pop up and I wanted to write about it too. I'm travelling to Turku this year to celebrate Halloween and this year our theme is a trashy mashup of The Lost Boys / Lost Souls / The Craft. This year I've found it extremely hard to think of what to wear or what I should do makeup wise.. I just have no idea what to do!!

Tumblr ofc saved me again for a thousand time, and I browsed the Lost Boys and Fairuza Balk tag (Balk, who actually was one of my first girl crushes). I think I'm gonna channel her somehow but with a vampire twist. I want  to use my yellow contact lenses since I don't get the chance to use them more than once a year. Dark brows, red lipstic, super smokey eye and yellow contacts? Yes, I think it's happening.

I mean jesus, look at Keifer Sutherland lmao. I'd tap the young Keifer anyday.

All photos and gifs can be found from tumblr ya'all.

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Hello everyone!
Today I have a little different post coming up~

I was contacted by Abbey from Julep to create a styleboard around their Fall shade nail polishes and I had to pick one shade from their infographic to work around with. I picked "Claudette" which is a beautiful, deep burgundy red. I tried to find it from their shop but I guess it's not available yet, or is already sold out? The closest one I could find was "Anisa".

Anyway, I thought it was a fun idea and got really excited to start creating the styleboard. I had an idea what I wanted to do but every time it comes to actually getting the idea out of my head and on paper... It never works the way I want it to. So I went over Polyvore which is a website where you can create collages and it's super easy and fun (note to readers: I don't have photoshop or any other photo editing programs).

I really have something for cream x red combo, it's elegant yet sexy and I think it's perfect for fall. And fur is something that always comes with fall.

Dress - Topshop | Jacket - H&M | Bag - Yves Saint Laurent | Shoes - Louboutin | Necklace - Call It Spring

And because one is never enough, I made another one. This is actually just an idea of makeup to go with the outfit above. Smokey eyes, bold eyeliner, red lips, long lashes.... yassss

Autumn Nugguts~
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Yo, Yo!

We had a small nuggut gathering yesterday and it was soooo good to see (almost) all of the nugguts at the same time again! The last time we've hanged out together was back in April? Talk about a busy summer, eh? As you already saw in the previous post, I was wearing my new Tsubasa wig. And for some odd reason, I really wanted to dress in pink. I also did a completely different makeup than I usually do, I skipped lining my eyes and did zero contour. Just blush and eyeshadow.

I didn't feel uncomfortable in this outfit but I didn't feel like me, either. It's funny to explain, it felt like I was someone else. But I love love LOVE this dress, it's so freaking comfy and I love the print AND the most important thing, my boobs fit in this dress ♥ I wonder if Liz Lisa has more items in this print? Do anyone of you know? It would be nice if you could link me some pictures, if you know anything about this print!

The pictures will explain themselves, I think. Hope you like them, I love them!

Hat - ebay

Jacket - Vila
Dress - Liz Lisa
Boots - Rome

Thank you for watching and see you soon, nugguts! ♥

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Winkie Winkie wig review
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Hello everyone!
I bought a new wig from a Finnish online webshop called Winkie Winkie on wednesday, and I recieved it on friday. I'm happy it came so fast, as I needed it for sunday~ Winkie Winkie promises their shipping to be between 2 to 7 days, so I'm glad it was the shorter one. Thank you very much for the fast shipping, girls~ Much appreciated!

I saw their advert for their new wigs and I fell in love with the one called Tsubasa. Sadly it's sold out right now but I'm sure they will stock them more in the future~ When I opened the package, the wig was nicely packed in a plastic bag with a free wig cap, some sort of hair sticker-things(?) and a photo guide how to wear a wig. I really love the graphic design on the website. It's fresh and makes me want to go back just to check out the items and the worn pictures. I like it when webshops have good quality stock photos or worn photos so you get a good idea what you might be getting.

So, this is how she looks like when you take it out from the hair net and place it on a stand. You can see it needs a good brushing and the bangs need cutting. Sorry for the really crappy lightning, our apartment is very dark when the sun goes down and I was too excited to wait for the next day. I had to play around with the wig right away and I kinda accidentally staid up till 3am taking selfies, haha. Good times!

I cut "sort of" straight bangs to it but what you can still sweep to the side if you want to. I'm very happy with the quality of the wig, it's not even shiny and it looks very realistic in my opinion. I don't usually like to spend much on wigs as I like to ruin them but this wig just had something that screamed my name and I knew I had to have it.

Big thanks to Winkie Winkie and I'm pretty sure I'll order something from there again. Now I just have too many wigs and not enough occasions to wear them. Here's couple of pictures from our nuggut meetup on sunday where you can see the wig better~ More about the meetup later, need to edit some pictures first!


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Shopping haul part 2!
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So here comes the part two, then! I just realized I din't take any photos of the clothes I bought from Rome so I have to make ANOTHER post still ughhhhhh............. Well, at least this keeps me motivated to update and I have some topics to write about, haha!

The super cute snake print bag is from some random shop in Rome. Can't for the life of me remember what the name was but it was across the street from Tally Weijl in Piazza dei Cinquecento! I also bought a matching wallet (because I love matching stuff ♥) but for some reason I forgot to put it in the same picture with these... Oh well, I will show it to you guys some other time.

The scarf and slippers are bought from River Island in Tallinn. I absolutely loooooove both of them and dang, River Island had amazing bag collection this season and now I regret that I didn't buy more from there. They had this super cute pink x white x leopard print suitcase and hnnnnghhh if I had had the hands to carry it with me, I would've bought it. They also had a Liz Lisa inspired 3-way bag in pink and light brown and I regret not buying that, too. 

Funny thing is, I didn't buy much at all from Tallinn that I thought I would (tho i bought all the perfumes, so I guess I did buy quite a lot in the end). I did buy a shit ton of booze though! It will never stop amazing me how cheap that shit is in there. I mean Henry Westons Vintage cider 0,5l / 8,2% costs almost 5€ in Finland.... and it was just a tad over 2€ in Tallinn.... My eyes went O___O when I stepped in the liqueur store. So me and my co-worked did get shitfaced right on the first night hahaha. It was amazing! But yeah, it's good to be stocked well for Halloween now~ I'm going to Turku this year and I'm gonna miss the Gyaru Finland Halloween meetup AGAIN : ( I hope you guys have super fun and I will join the next meetup, I PROMISE!  

The next item I bought off from a Finnish gyaru sales page. Thank you so much again Erika, I really love it! :3 (btw. check out her Instagram, she's gorgeous and she sports the style I want to slooowly change my style into. So she's one of my inspirations atm~) 

She had packed it nicely and also left me a little note saying "Thank you". I've been eyeing on some of her items she has for sale and I might buy something from her again, huhuhu~ At the moment I'm in a weird state of wanting to sport d.i.a and rokku but at the same time I want to calm down and dress in Rienda & Rady. I'm also very inspired by Sari's work ootd's and I hope to look as amazing as her one day in my office :'3 Now I'm just super lazy and I don't even wear makeup.