Night flight to Tokyo
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Oh my, it's only 3 months left till me and Airin blast off to Tokyo! Time is flying and I've spent a few sleepless nights writing down how we'll get to our house and what my budjet is etc. I'm probably going to spend quite a quiet summer here in Finland so I can spend one hell of a month in Japan! (ok, just 23 days...) I don't want to go just shopping this time, I actually want to SEE places and take photos as the last time didn't really go as planned..... But it's going to be good to get away from here for 3 weeks, I really need that. Then I can spend another 4 years of not going to Tokyo (if I'm still as pissed in there as last time, lol)

Nekotalo aka the house we're staying in!
I stayed in Asakusa last time which was really nice and all but I didn't really like the hotel/hostel there. I want to experience something different this time and as Airin is going to Japan for the first time, we decided to rent a room from a lady who rents them only for finnish people (dunno why) in Koenji! I'm really excited about this as I have never been to Koenji and I've only heard good things about the house plus I just read someone's blog about Koenji and he said that Koenji is "the birthplace of Tokyo's punk scene, and a healthy obsession for anything musical related. A unique fashion sense and a don't-give-a-fuck attitude away from the comformities of daily Japanese life." Sounds JUST perfect for the 2 of us, as we live by the I-don't-give-a-fuck rule :D I'll come back to the subject later but I just wanted to empty my head about all the excitement and stress! Now I'm off to dye my hair AGAIN...... let's see what'll happen this time, will it stay or will it not....

credits Seoul to Tokyo

credits Seoul to Tokyo

credits Danny Choo
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